X1 27.5" Enduro w/ Onyx

The 2018 Mercury X1 Onyx 27.5" may be a limited edition, but the pure, unadulterated, trail-ripping enjoyment to be had on this wheelset is definitely unlimited. These 2018 X1 rims have a new logo placement, look closely...
We paired our trail-tested and rider-approved X1 Enduro rim with a laser etched, pewter finish Onyx center lock hub. If you haven't heard of Onyx, they are at the front of the pack when it comes to quality. Onyx was worried about degrees of engagement before it was cool to worry about degrees of engagement. The rear hub uses a patented sprag clutch mechanism (think one-way bearing) that produces instant clutch engagement during power stroke, and instant disengagement when freewheeling- all with no drag, and absolutely no noise. 
You will immediately feel the benefits of instant engagement when doing technical climbing, at the times you need small pedal kicks turned into forward momentum to get up and over obstacles. On the descent you will love having every last bit of force transmitted to the trail when you come out of corners and need to put the hammer down. 
Manufactured in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Onyx hubs run hybrid ceramic bearings, a heat-treat hardened stainless steel driver, a 7075 series aluminum hub shell, adjustable preload for the bearings, and are covered by a 5 year limited warranty, and are fully serviceable by a qualified mechanic.
As always, we hand build using only Sapim spokes and nipples, in a 28 spoke, two cross pattern that is both laterally stiff, and incredibly responsive. 
The X1 Onyx 27.5" is available for a limited time in boost spacing, with a center-lock hub. 
Depth: 26mm
Width: 36mm Outer; 30mm Inner
Weight: 1874g
Duke University Electric Vehicle Team did a study about which hubs to use for their concept vehicles. the attached photo is the results of "negative acceleration". basically deceleration rates. Onyx wins!

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