For a limited time Mercury is offering our flagship carbon rim, the M5, built around what is arguably the most technologically advanced hub available today- Onyx Road. 
Points of engagement has become a hot topic when it comes to choosing what wheelset to purchase, and Onyx Racing Products sets the bar in the stratosphere at instant engagement. Onyx hubs utilize a patented sprag clutch mechanism (think one-way bearing) that produces instant clutch engagement during power stroke, and instant disengagement when freewheeling- all with no drag, and absolutely no noise. 
Manufactured in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Onyx hubs run hybrid ceramic bearings, a heat-treat hardened stainless steel driver, a 7075 series aluminum hub shell, adjustable preload for the bearings, and are covered by a 5 year limited warranty, and are fully serviceable by a qualified mechanic. 
The M5C built with ONYX wheelset comes in at 1759g.

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