The Story:

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. Born and crafted in an aerodynamics lab, the A5 comes in at 55mm deep, but offers a virtual depth of 67mm by utilizing Kamm Tail Technology.

You can visualize the Kamm Tail effect by imagining a tear drop shaped aerofoil with a small portion of the tail end removed. Up to a certain point, the flow will still act as though the tear drop shape is complete without going turbulent. What that means in the real world is you can have the aero benefits of a 67mm deep wheel, while still maintaining a lower profile to maintain stability in cross wind. That means that the A5 is a great option for a do-all wheelset.

They are as happy in the weekend crit as they are in a time trial or road race.

We improved braking performance by using resins that are some of the highest temperature rated in the industry. The A5 is built with Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes, laced into our Tempest straight pull hub using a 2:1 pattern that increases lateral stiffness without additional material.

The Details: 

  • Rim(s) / Size: Mercury A5C / 700c
  • Rim Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Tire interface / mounting: Clincher / Tubeless Compatible
  • Braking Use: Rim Brake
  • Depth: 55mm actual / 67mm virtual
  • External Width: 27mm
  • Internal Width: 19mm
  • Hub(s): Mercury Tempest sealed bearing - 20/24°
  • Freehub body / Cassette Interface: Shimano 9/10/11
  • Axle(s): QR x 100/130mm
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
  • Nipples: Sapim Alloy
  • Hand-built in Utah
  • Chromium waterslide decals
  • Weight in grams: 1612 grams / set (+/- 2%)
  • Warranty: 2 year(s) against manufacturer's defects extended to the product's original owner. Mercury brake pads MUST be used exclusively with wheels - other brands of brake pads voids any warranties.
  • What's included: Tubeless tape / rim strip, tubeless valves, brake pads, quick release skewers and cassette spacer 
  •    73k+ fans


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