A3 Wheel Set - Mi Duole Race Edition


Double Duty

The new A3 will look like a climbing wheel, but due to our patented Kamm Tail 10 design will also offer up Aerodynnamic advantages. This will be the perfect wheel set to go when the cross winds are howling, yet you still want to go fast. Pair the A3 front wheel with an A5 rear and off you will go. 

Wheel Set Details

  • Width: 19/27mm
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Virtual Depth: 50mm
  • Kamm Tail 10 Technology (patent pending)
  • Cross Wind Stability
  • Increased Braking Performance
  • Aerospace grade high temperature resins
  • 2:1 Spokes Lacing to drastically increase Lateral Stiffness without adding weight
  • CX Ray Spokes
  • Tubeless Ready

Availability: April (You must pre-order this wheel set in order to receive in April) 

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