S Series

The S series are laced with Sapim's Race spokes, their most popular double-butted model, which are capable of withstanding a claimed one million load reversals of fatigue testing while still saving weight courtesy of their butting.

They connect to proprietary Mercury hubs, which engage with 3 pawls for a nearly immediate responsiveness that takes advantage of the rims' low rotational inertia. The front hub has an extra-wide 72 millimeter flange for reduced flex under hard efforts and confident stability at speed. Both hubs have a 15 millimeter axle that tapers to accommodate a traditional quick release and two and four over-sized bearings in the front and back, respectively.

The Mercury Wheelsets come with either Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 11-speed compatible freehub body and includes skewers, valve extenders (5, 9 series), brake pads, and rim strips (clincher only). Mercury recommends a rider weight limit of 250 pounds.

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