M5 Clincher Disc

Material: CARBON Depth: 55mm
Weight (Set): 1,790g Width: 24mm

The M5's have seen countless podium finishes on varying courses. They are light enough to handle the steepest of climbs yet provide you with a nice braking performance due to the newly developed brake track. They are deep enough to provide you with an “unfair” aerodynamic advantage on the flats. Bottom line, the M5’s will bring you to the line alone. It is up to you to decide how to celebrate the win.

The M5 is a solid 24mm wide, which means you can run lower PSI for a more comfortable ride that corners with unparalleled confidence. Wider rims also have some counter-intuitive effects when compared to those standard 19 millimeter rims: they actually decrease rolling resistance and increase aerodynamics.

included in the box

This wheelset comes installed with Mercury rim strip and front 15mm end caps.  Included in the box (when purchased from Mercury): 12mm endcaps, QR endcaps and QR rear axle w/ endcaps.  If you're purchasing from another source, confirm with that vendor.

WARRANTY: 2 yr warranty extends from the date of purchase, applies only to the original owner, and is not transferable. 


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