X1 Plus w/ Fiber-X

Material: CARBON Depth: 22mm
Weight (Set): 27.5" 1,670g Width: 40/46mm



Possessing twice the tensile strength of High-Modulus carbon fiber, Fiber-X employs damping characteristics to deliver a trail-tuned ride while increasing durability - durable enough to withstand a double impact of 120 joules at the same location. The Fiber-X material is blended into all of Mercury’s X-Series wheels and is visible by its distinguishable silver stripe. Rim profiles feature an optimized Radius profile that funnels trail input into the damping material to dissipate energy and avoid failure. At their center, is Mercury’s proprietary delivering 7.5° of engagement. All current wheel diameters, axle sizes and freehub standards are supported.

Collections: Off-Road, Wheel Clearance

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